Why Christmas is More About Resilience Than You Think

It’s that time of year again where the festive spirits are high – and so are the challenges! While many of us look towards December as a period of fun, family, and some well-deserved time off from work, Christmas and your career have a lot more in common than you think! Here are some ways the Christmas period tests your Resilience.

High Emotion

Christmas is a period infamous for high emotions. From the stress of planning and organising so many things, to financial strains and a sharp increase in social events and interpersonal relationships, it’s natural to feel a little overwhelmed during the festive period. Many people will find themselves needing to take a moment during this time to lower their stress levels and get a grip on their emotions. Learning our triggers and regulation processes can help us remain Resilient at Christmas.

High Pressure and Deadlines

Christmas, though exciting, can be the most demanding time of year for many. From the food shopping and the cleaning to the gift buying, wrapping, travelling and hosting, the to-do list is extraordinarily long especially given the extra social commitments. If you’re juggling work at the same time, then Resilience in the workplace may be more critical than you think when you’re faced with yuletide pressure!

Using the Five Foundations of Resilience at Christmas

One of the ways to stay Resilient at work, or even at home, is to use the five foundations of Resilience. Here at Beaumont Training we have helped many people become more Resilient at work – but these skills can make a real difference at Christmas-time too!

Self-care: Christmas is a time of giving and sharing, but it’s important to remember that you can’t pour from an empty cup, and you need to take care of yourself first.

Self-awareness: Having an awareness of our own behaviour, triggers and responsibilities can help us better prepare for this busy season. Who do you need to steer clear of? When do you need to think before speak, especially after that extra glass of wine?

Mindfulness: You know what they say, “mind over matter”. Have your most calming mindfulness exercises at the ready this Christmas to overcome overwhelm, stress and negative emotions. Failing that, be ready to step out of the room or take a deep breath when you find it all becoming too much. And remember that it is only once a year.

Respectful relationships: Things can get heated when there are more people around so be sure to keep calm, respectful and open-minded this holiday season. Have a plan ready for how you’re going to react when someone steps out of line or says something hurtful.

Sense of purpose: Christmas can be stressful but remember what it’s all about: creating happy memories with the people you love and seeing out the year in a positive way. Decide beforehand on a goal you want to achieve this Christmas. Avoid huge, and often impossible goals such as having a “perfect” Christmas. Instead focus on getting one small thing right and appreciating the joyful feeling it will give you.

Not only will these Resilience reminders keep you focused and uplifted this Christmas season, but also well practiced for your return to work!