Important Dates For Your 2024 Wellbeing Calendar

Managing all the wellbeing-related dates throughout the year for work events can be challenging. Our 2024 Wellbeing Calendar is filled with health and wellbeing events to assist you in planning a successful wellbeing programme.

If you find it useful, then look out for our monthly blogs which will give you  suggestions for what to include in your wellbeing programme.

January Wellbeing Calendar Dates:

1st January 31st January | Dry January

Many of us overindulge during the festive season, so January can be a great time to encourage new, healthier behaviours. Dry January challenges you to go alcohol-free for 31 days, as well as raising greater awareness of the impact of alcohol on your health. A great opportunity to do a team challenge.

15th January | Blue Monday

The fact that the third Monday of January has come to be known as Blue Monday is an example of how we need to combat thoughts and beliefs which are detrimental to our mental health. Although research indicates that post-Christmas blues and unpaid credit card bills cause this phenomenon, we know from Resilience Training that we can always choose how we respond to challenging situations. Instead of succumbing to Blue Monday, consider organising a wellbeing initiative which focuses on the positives.

27th January | Parental Mental Health Day

With the theme ‘Balance,’ this day aims to raise awareness about parent mental health and its impact on the family. Think about the instructions you are given during in-flight safety regarding how to use the oxygen masks in an emergency; if you’re travelling with children then you should first put your own mask on before theirs. It makes sense that you will be stronger and better able to help them if you go against your natural instinct to help them first. The same is true of mental health – parents need to protect their wellbeing in order to be better equipped to help their children’s mental health.

February Wellbeing Calendar Dates:

1st February | Time To Talk Day

Encourage open conversations about mental wellbeing during this day. There are lots of activities you can organize, for example talking about how money worries impact mental health, or on a more positive note telling someone what you appreciate them doing for you. You can find lots of resources here

17th February | Random Acts Of Kindness Day

Acts of generosity boost happiness and wellbeing. This day encourages positive impacts on others. You could create your own organisational “bucket list” for this day. Teams could have a competition to see who can complete the most acts of kindness.

24th February | Emotional Health Awareness Day

To promote emotional wellbeing, take time to reflect on feelings, nurturing relationships, and addressing unresolved issues. One idea could be to distribute sticky notes on various themes and ask people to write down their thoughts and suggestions. Topics can include, for example, ways to make you feel better about yourself, things that relax you, or what you can to do to help others. Alternatively, you could play the “Say What?” Resilience card game.

March Wellbeing Calendar Dates:

1st March | Employee Appreciation Day

Show employees they matter by creating heartfelt and memorable recognition experiences.

8th March | International Women’s Day

This year’s theme is about inspiring inclusion and understanding the value of women’s inclusion.

15th March | World Sleep Day

Celebrate sleeping and promote important sleep-related issues, raising awareness of the importance of good sleep.

12th 18th March | Nutrition And Hydration Week

Focus on nutrition and hydration for health and wellbeing in care settings.

18th 24th March | Neurodiversity Celebration Week

Recognise the strengths that come from diverse thinking and perceiving the world.

20th March | International Day Of Happiness

Celebrate the importance of happiness through the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

April Wellbeing Calendar Dates:

1st 30th April | Stress Awareness Month

Raise awareness of the causes and cures for modern stress.

7th April | World Health Day

Focus on giving people access to healthcare without financial hardship.

25th April | On Your Feet Britain

Encourage physical activity to #SitLess and #MoveMore at work.

28th April | World Health & Safety Day At Work

Promote safe, healthy, and dignified work environments, emphasising mental and emotional health.

May Wellbeing Calendar Dates:

1st 31st May | National Walking Month

Encourage active walking for improved health.

5th May | World Laughter Day

Relieve stress and promote wellbeing through laughter.

8th 14th May | Womens Health Week

Raise awareness of manageable steps women can take to improve health.

13th 19th May | Mental Health Awareness Week

Promote awareness and support for better mental health.

13th 19th May | Black Inclusion Week

Recognise strengths from diverse thinking and perceiving the world.

13th 19th May | Learning At Work Week

Highlight the importance and benefits of continual learning.

21st May | World Meditation Day

Raise awareness about meditation and its benefits for emotional calm and stability.

June Wellbeing Calendar Dates:

1st – 30th June | Pride Month

Celebrate authentic selves and diverse contributions.

8th June | Global Wellness Day

Encourage a healthy lifestyle for individuals and society.

10th 16th June | Mens Health Week

Raise awareness of preventable health issues for men and boys.

21st June | International Yoga Day

Recognise the physical and spiritual benefits of yoga for overall wellbeing.

July Wellbeing Calendar Dates:

30th July | International Day Of Friendship

Foster human solidarity through bonds and trust.

August Wellbeing Calendar Dates:

15th August | National Relaxation Day

Pause and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

September Wellbeing Calendar Dates:

20th 25th September | International Week Of Happiness At Work

Highlight the importance of wellbeing at work and a good work-life balance.

21st September | World Gratitude Day

Emphasise the significance of expressing gratitude.

23rd 29th September | National Inclusion Week

Recognise and celebrate the diversity of individuals.

25th September | National Fitness Day

Encourage people to make September 26 the most active day of the year.

October Wellbeing Calendar Dates:

1st – 31st October | Speak Up Month

Raise awareness of Freedom to Speak Up and make speaking up business as usual.

10th October | World Mental Health Day

Raise awareness about mental health issues and advocate against social stigma.

7th 13th October | National Work-Life Week

Promote wellbeing at work and a good work-life balance.

10th October | World Mental Health Day

Raise awareness about mental health issues and advocate against social stigma.

18th October | World Menopause Day

Spread awareness of menopause and available options for improving health.

November Wellbeing Calendar Dates:

6th November | National Stress Awareness Day

Develop a greater understanding of stress and its prevention.

13th November | World Kindness Day

Reflect on the importance of kindness in bringing people together.

19th November | International Men’s Day

Make a positive difference to the wellbeing of men and boys.

December Wellbeing Calendar Dates:

10th December | World Human Rights Day

Inspire action to end discrimination and promote human rights.

At Beaumont Training, we firmly believe that prioritising mental health is not confined to specific dates on a calendar—it’s a year-round commitment. Recognising that mental health is a journey, we are dedicated to standing by your side, offering support, and fostering resilience. Our range of quizzes, courses, and Resilience Training Products is designed to empower you throughout 2024. We understand that building Resilience goes hand in hand with maintaining good mental health, and we are here to guide you on this transformative journey.

Improve your Resilience with Beaumont Training and embrace a year of holistic wellbeing.

You can download the mental health calendar here.