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Jo Higgins-Cezza

What Does Beaumont Resilience Training Do?

Beaumont Training started delivering Resilience Training in 2009 and was one of the first companies in the UK and Europe to do so.

Since then we have successfully worked with large multinationals, SMEs, the voluntary and public sectors, as well as schools, colleges and universities.

My name is Jo Higgins-Cezza and I am the lead trainer and founder of Beaumont Training. You can read more below about how I first discovered the power of Resilience Training and have brought life-changing moments into people's lives.

Jo Higgins-Cezza

More about Jo

Resilience Training transformed my life and career.

I’ve always been interested in helping people develop new skills and get more out of their lives, but in particular, I am fascinated by how some people seem to achieve success in work and life more easily than others do. After graduating with a degree in French from the University of Reading, I set off for Italy to spend “a year” helping adults learn English. Ten years later (!) I returned to the UK with my husband and baby in tow, having worked my way up the career ladder from a low-paid teacher in the south of Italy to a successful entrepreneur running my own business in busy, thriving Milan. Back in the UK, I signed up for a Masters, and my dissertation on Leadership and Motivation reflected an ever-growing interest in why some people are naturally better at influencing and persuading others.

The Master's dissertation led to a post as Senior Programme Manager at the National College for School Leadership, one of the top national and international providers of coaching and training. There I worked on the development, delivery and quality assurance of leadership programmes to promote behavioural change. I remember the day that a delegate on a middle leaders coaching programme was moved to tears on realising just how far the natural enthusiasm and zest for work and life had become buried and forgotten under a mountain of daily strife.

Once again I was struck by the enormous difference between people with greater resilience to life’s ups and downs and those who struggled daily. What could be done about this? Well clearly, the leadership and personal development programmes I was delivering were effective, especially when reinforced with high-quality coaching. So, encouraged by peers and Senior Management, I was inspired to train as a coach myself, undertaking formal coaching programmes at the University of Manchester and Ashridge Business School (Coaching for Organisational Change).

I set up my own coaching and leadership training company and enjoyed the success and satisfaction of working with a wide variety of different organisations to make a real difference in people’s lives and businesses. My purpose in life had become clear, but there was still something missing…

I still wanted to find a satisfactory answer to the question “How can two people from similar backgrounds with similar issues to face have such radically different results?” In other words: “Why do some people have an innate capability to succeed, whilst others almost seem to sabotage their progress? ”It was when I came across the concept of ‘Resilience’ that the missing link was finally identified. I had never heard the term ‘Resilience’ used before in this way, and so began a period of intensive research, devouring everything I could find on the subject. This is how I discovered the outstanding results that are delivered by Resilience Training for so many people in so many fields, ranging from sportsmen and undergraduates to salesmen and the military.

When I began implementing what I’d learnt about Resilience into my own coaching, the results were far better than I could ever have anticipated. And it’s that which eventually led to bringing Resilience Training to organisations all over Europe.

I have since delivered Resilience Training in Denmark, Italy, the Czech Republic and across the United Kingdom, as well as hosting exhibitions in Vienna and a masterclass in Geneva. People are amazed by how simply they can start developing their own Resilience simply by making small changes to how they approach challenging situations.

List of past clients include:

  • Leicestershire NHS
  • Liverpool World
  • Museums, DANCOP
  • Cambridge Network
  • Bentley
  • Guidance Marine (Wartsila)
  • University of Derby
  • University of Nottingham
  • Microlise

To this day, my passion for helping others achieve their full potential has never faded, and in fact, has inspired others to want to know more. Whether it’s training, coaching or speaking, it brings me great pleasure and pride to see my clients making simple changes to become more Resilient.
I look forward to meeting you and helping you do the same!