Coaching Supervision Programme

This course is not available to purchase online. Contact us or call us on +44 (0)7891 640450 to find out how you can take this course.

Duration: 6 days
Format: In-house
Group Size: Up to 15-16 (In groups of 3-4)
Price: £7200 (inc VAT plus expenses)

Who should attend?

Team leaders and managers who have completed the Coaching Skills course and want to incorporate coaching into their daily practise and performance management appraisals.


The 6 days can be split over any time frame – we recommend one session every 2 weeks.


Delegates will work in groups of 3-4 practising the coaching skills and techniques learnt on the Coaching Skills course. They will undertake live coaching under the supervision of an experienced coach, and receive feedback on their performance.

  • What are the questions which best help your staff perform at their best?
  • Developing your Active Listening skills
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Identifying root issues (avoiding the traps of jumping to conclusions)
  • Incorporating coaching into the performance management cycle
  • Hands-on practise of each section of the GROW model
  • Identifying how to help your team change unhelpful behaviours