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Organisations and individuals face a number of risks and threats at work, which challenge their psychological wellbeing. In addition, they are exposed to the consequences of the economic climate. This can have a ripple effect on the workforce, individuals and their families.

Building resilience will contribute to keeping the workforce motivated, engaged, committed and maintaining performance through periods of uncertainty and change, both inside and outside the organisation.

Are you feeling stressed out by the sheer pressure of daily life? Our Online Resilience Course gives you the strategies you need to deal with the ups and downs life throws at us. Start getting rid of your stress levels now by learning how to focus on what you can change, rather than on what you can’t. You’ll find tips and practical suggestions on how to build your Resilience and stop people (and things) from pushing your buttons!

Budget too tight? No time to organise face-to-face training?

Now you can access Resilience Training online!

This online training program is intended to help you take your own road to resilience.The information within describes resilience and some factors that affect how people deal with hardship. Having come to understand resilience and why you need it, the course then focuses on developing and using a personal strategy for enhancing your resilience.

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