4 Steps for Managing Stress at Home and at Work

“I’m so tired, I can’t seem to focus on anything.”

“The house is so messy, but I haven’t the energy to clean.”

“My boss is running me ragged. There’s too much work, I’ll have to work overtime!”

Do these phrases sound familiar? Have you often found yourself exhausted from the strain of day-to-day life? You’re not alone. It’s easy for us to become overwhelmed. Life throws so many challenges at us, sometimes when we least expect them. When adversity hits us out of the blue, our Resilience can take a knock, and can make us feel like we can’t cope. These challenges aren’t impossible to conquer, however. The key to being Resilient at work and at home is to maintain a positive mindset

1.Ask for help

Trying to tackle the world on your own is a tall order. Speak to a colleague or a family member if you’re struggling, and they’ll most likely help you out. Even if it’s a problem you must solve by yourself, talking to someone you trust can clear any anxiety or worries from your mind. Often when speaking out-loud we realize our problems aren’t as scary as we once thought. Don’t be afraid to admit when you need assistance; you’ll thank yourself for it later.

  1. Rationalize

Sometimes our problems can overwhelm us because we give them too much power. If you find yourself stressed, ask yourself what the worst-case scenario would be. Be realistic. You won’t get fired for one mistake, your house won’t collapse because you haven’t tidied up in a while, your colleagues won’t hate you for missing one deadline. Remain levelheaded and focus on what really matters-finding a solution!

3.What can you do?

Think of what immediate solutions you can use to resolve the situation. There’s no point on focusing on what cannot be changed, doing so will only add unnecessary stress, which may impact your productivity in the long run. Do whatever you can, and then put it to the side and focus on somethingelse.

4.What is going well?

It’s easy to believe that everything is crumbling when something goes wrong, but often that’s not the case. We can forget our successes when we panic, and this can worsen our mental health over time. Remind yourself of what you’ve done well. Have you managed to overcome a stressful situation, such as presenting in front of a large group of people? Have you improved something within your home, such as fixing a faulty tap or decorating a room the way you’ve always wanted? Have you managed to dodge traffic on your commute to work? Even the smallest success should be remembered; don’t underestimate the power of positivity! Managing stress can be tricky, but with the tips above it should become more manageable. Put them into practice when you’re faced with a challenge and watch your Resilience grow!