The Fifth Pillar of Resilience: Purpose

The fifth pillar of Resilience, purpose, is the final pillar and plays a major role in how effectively we can demonstrate Resilience. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, purpose means “determination or a feeling of having a reason for what you do” –  having a purpose in life will help you build Resilience.

There are many aspects of our life that can help us to be Resilient. Our family, our career, our goals, and most importantly, ourselves are all aspects of our lives that give us a reason to be Resilient and keep going despite the challenges that may com eat us.  We all face hardships in our lives but having a purpose (family, work, personal goals etc.) to fall back on encourages us to fight for what we want. Life is often difficult, so Resilience is a crucial part of overcoming our hardships. But we cannot be Resilient without having a reason to do so – we need a purpose.

Finding Purpose in Our Family and Loved Ones

Finding purpose in our family and loved ones is a crucial aspect of Resilience. When times are tough and we struggle to stay Resilient, our family and loved ones are the people who stand by us and help guide us through our struggles. Having people in our lives who we want to carry on for and be a better person for, gives us a reason to be Resilient. It’s our loved ones who fill us with confidence and encourage us to be the best version of ourselves and show Resilience in everyday life.

Finding Purpose in Our Career

Finding purpose in our career is what drives us to excel in life. Most of us have a job, but a career is something that becomes a part of us. A career Is not about having the most wonderful job in the world; you have a career if your job fills you with passion and gives you a purpose. Having a career that fills you with passion is yet another reason to be Resilient. Naturally, you will face difficult situations that require problem-solving at work, you might even face situations that hinder your confidence. However, the passion you feel for your career will push you to be Resilient and bounce back in all your glory.

Finding Purpose in Our Goals

Finding purpose in our goals is about pushing towards everything that we want in life. Similar to your career, and most often these two aspects of your life will intertwine, your goals drive you to grow. Not every goal is easy to achieve, especially if you aim high. Think about it, do you think every person who achieved their biggest goal did it without any struggles along the way? Absolutely not, struggles are a part of life, but when you feel a strong passion to achieve your goals, resilience is built into who you are.

Finding Purpose in ourselves

Finding purpose in ourselves is the most important aspect of our lives that drives Resilience. Our family, our career, and our goals can certainly drive us to be Resilient, but if we don’t feel a purpose in ourselves then Resilience can feel impossible.

In summary, having a strong sense of purpose  in ourselves will help us navigate the ups and downs of life’s rollercoaster, keep moving towards our goals, and have a firm belief that what we are doing is worthwhile.