Kristyna Stoklasova

Training Leader, Ogilvy Group

As a result of Jo’s training, I will no loner act like an ‘old monkey’ and let the new monkeys ‘climb for the treasure’. I will train my ‘bad dogs’ and can choose my way of thinking. I see the world through my own mind so I need to have a positive mindset.

Working with Jo will help you develop teams of stronger, braver and more positive people. They will not act like ‘old monkeys’. People will see problems as a challenge or opportunity, not a problem. Employees will be happier and satisfied, with greater loyalty and an open-minded atmosphere. You’ll create an organisation full of ‘adult’ people, responsible for their own lives and actions.

Thank you. Czech people and managers are sometimes not positive. They look for the bad points first, but this training will change their mindset.