Vaclav Kourim

HR Director, Astrazeneca

The course helped me to consciously foster self-confidence by thinking about my strengths, thus influencing positive thinking and beliefs. I cannot change everything (limited zone of control) but what I can change and influence is more than good enough. I now embrace change and focus on new opportunities (even not known ones). (more…)


Hana Musilova

HR Director, Merck

Thank you very much for the last example of the morning. I’ve been thinking about your words and will try to use them in my job.

There’ll be more realistic optimism in our daily jobs.


Kristyna Stoklasova

Training Leader, Ogilvy Group

As a result of Jo’s training, I will no loner act like an ‘old monkey’ and let the new monkeys ‘climb for the treasure’. I will train my ‘bad dogs’ and can choose my way of thinking. I see the world through my own mind so I need to have a positive mindset. (more…)


Michaela Turecki

Associate Professor, Charles University, Prague

I will try to keep my “badly-trained puppy” on its leash. Smile inside as much as on the outside. Keep a better work-life balance and develop my well-being. (more…)


Martina Minarova

HR Manager, People Management Forum

I will now pay more attention to my mental habit-forming, and try to be more realistic in my optimism.

People could release their potential and would not be afraid to do things differently.

Thank you very much for coming to the HR Know How Conference in Prague.


Veronica Muronova

Head of HR Dept. Arcelor Mittal

The course encourages people more when discussing their careers. They leave with a deeper knowledge of why they find things difficult.


Tomas Haken

Consultant, Assessment Centre

Firstly I left with a positive attitude, secondly a goal. Achieving a goal without the appropriate attitude is not satisfying.

This course will help anyone think in a new way about old, well-known issues.


Vratislav Kalenda

MD, Image Lab Ltd

Jo will help you reframe your thinking in a positive way.

Working with her will help your develop good ideas for a necessary combination for improvement of systems, processes, products, etc.


Iva Jandova

HR Manager, Chartis Europe

I am looking forward to preparing and running training sessions in a more creative way, and through a more psychological lens.

In particular this training benefits areas such as leadership, raising the bar, performance management, personal development, talent management, etc.


Libor Stodola

Senior Manager, PriceWaterhouseCooper

Very inspiring! Shows you how to overcome obstacles along your way, to take and look on all kinds of situations in a positive way.

This training helps everyone to understand each other better.